Pouch Wera salmon


Wera, your slim elegant wallet.

This is Wera, your slim elegant wallet, perfectly sized for the essentials, with one main internal compartment. Whit this small pouch you hold the sunset in your hands, whether you go dancing, go for a stroll or carry your passport and ticket at the airport, this is the one you need.
We don’t waste materials, from our leftovers we create beautiful and elegant products like this slim wallet.

Details / Composition / Size

On the top you will find a small border features our signature canvas flag in blue, finished with salmon colored calf leather, closes with a silver metal zipper.

100% cotton canvas, 100% calf leather, 100% Butano leather lining
Please note that all our leather is naturally tanned and dyed. We like natural variations in the grain of the leather. They add character to the overall appeal.

H 14cm x W 19cm


1. Care your bag regularly with colorless cream. This ensures that the leather remains supple and nourished, the color becomes and remains more intense and your bag can also be better against scratches. It is also the way to remove existing scratches from the leather. To remove scratches on the surface, stick with a soft cloth and rub the cream on the area. It takes some time and don’t expect the scratch to appear after one is off for a few minutes, but after a while the scratch diminishes. See the leather as your own skin, it also loves of tasty body lotion because dry skin does not feel good.

2. Always use an anti-water spray to spray your bag. This is to protect against stains and rain. The latter in particular can leave annoying stains on the leather of your bag, which will not come off just like that. Always take tissues with you, so that your bag can immediately pat dry if it does get wet. Do this it preferably immediately after you have bought a bag. Later is also possible, but better immediately!

3. Store your bag properly when you are not using it. In the dust bag in a dry and dark place. Sunlight is harmful to leather: it dries out which can even discolor your bag. Also make sure you bag is filled. This will prevent your bag from collapsing and losing its shape. For this you can use paper, die are included with parcel post. Also make sure you don’t pile up your bags, the bottom one will literally be defeated to mine.

4. Be nice to your bag Be nice to your bag and enjoy it. Don’t throw it, don’t put it on the dirty floor, don’t stuff it too full and tidy up your bag so much time. A little love works wonders and prevents one lot of damage. It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s a shame not to give your beautiful bag the treatment it deserves. It the quality certainly benefits!


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Standard delivery 5-10 business days
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