We constantly wonder how MukaCariza can contribute to a fashion world where production close to home becomes the norm again. How we can prevent overproduction. How we can value the makers for their efforts and talents. How we can produce more environmentally friendly without wasting materials and labor.

We live in a time when we seem to forget where raw materials come from. If you pick cotton or shave a sheep, you don’t have a t-shirt or sweater yet. Many processing techniques and labor are required to make this possible. As a society we have to learn to understand and appreciate this again.

Let’s build a fashion system together with maximum appreciation for everything and everyone. Our efforts to prevent waste and overproduction:
we produce in small numbers, we skip seasons, we work with a pre-order system
we reuse our leftovers to create one of a kind small lethergoods.

MukaCariza has decided to only march tot he beat of her own drum, liberating MukaCariza from the constraints imposed by the fashion industry.
By ordering in advance and producing in small numbers, using sustainable shipping materials we can reduce our ecological footprint.

Important to us

We want to prove that everyone, from production to customer, can be happy. Our goal is to tell our story and demonstrate that MukaCariza can produce unique, high quality products, while your experience and our customer service to be phenomenal every time, without exception. Most importantly is to prove that you can do all of this without someone in the chain not getting their share. We believe it doesn’t have to be at the expense of anyone, as fast fashion like you to believe. Join the MukaCariza family, in which everyone wins.

We want to do something instead of making things look perfect.
With MukaCariza we challenge the status quo to redefine the standard. To create high quality products that we love is the norm. Inclusive is the norm. Empowerment of the people we work with is the norm. A healthy planet is the norm. To bring the most amazing buying experience to every customer every time is the norm.

At MukaCariza, we promise to make sure that everyone who touches our business feels accepted, valued and seen. We believe in building a team of individuals who still feel personally connected as one big family.