Vibrant Leather Artistry

MukaCariza pays tribute to the beauty

and colors of Rwanda.

A culmination of love, independence and

pride brought together in the finest

leather and prints.


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I was adopted overnight at the age of 12. I grew up in a violent and loveless adoptive family in Belgium. When I was 22 years old, I fled the family. The next big challenge soon came my way in the form of a relationship. The past repeated itself. Again I felt like nobody, worthless and invisible. Three children, a divorce and various forms of therapy later, I was back in my strength. Without work and financially dependent on social security benefits, but happier than ever. MukaCariza was my way of positively processing the past, the direction to a better future and the way to build a financially independent life. I have grown as a person, woman, mother and entrepreneur. My past was terrible, but it is not my final destination. I have learned lessons from the past and I am still working on my positive future. After 30 years, my greatest wish came true: I found my family in Rwanda and my own identity back.

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Loosely translated, MukaCariza means a pat on the back or a bit of luck.

A small but meaningful gesture telling you the loving rays of the sun will always reach you, empowering you to never give up, look ahead, mature and blossom.

With MukaCariza, you will never walk alone.

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850 EURO

Treat Yourself with a meaningful gift full of joy and sunshine.

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We remain pure and only work with people who really inspire us and who combine their tradition and expertise with vision and passion.
This ensures local specialists who still have an eye for every little detail in their work.


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We may be a bit unconventional, we do not participate in the various “rat races” that are so characteristic of many other brands in the rest of the fast fashion world.


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In order to keep a true connection with our products and ensure the status of an open-minded brand our products are produced on a small scale, professionally and with love.
Because only a clean and refined design is the object you can truly long for and build a lasting relationship with.




We recycle our leftovers to create one-of-a kind small products.

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