Operating from our home base in Riel, a hamlet close to the Dutch city of Breda, I am, the driving force behind MukaCariza cares for what is most important in my life: My family and my desire to raise awareness for present-day African creativity and culture.

A rich and vibrant culture that above all honors love, acceptance and togetherness. The print on the MukaCariza bags and accessories is the flag that proudly propagates these concepts. Displaying a provenance that, much like the Rwandan sunset, fuses all colors into one beautiful experience.

MukaCariza wants to redefine the meaning of luxury by creating bags and accessories that radiate cheerfulness and fellowship, yet produced in a sustainable, respectful and sane manner.

In my native village of Kabona, the women of my tribe came together to create fabric prints for special occasions. The memory of this experience inspired me to join forces with only the most dedicated craftspeople to help me make my dreams come true.

MukaCariza bags and accessories show an understated synthesis of African heritage and European craftmanship. Because for me, only a clean and refined design is the object you can truly long for and build a lasting relationship with.

Loosely translated, MukaCariza means a pat on the back or a bit of luck.

A small but meaningful gesture telling you the loving rays of the sun will always reach you, empowering you to never give up, look ahead, mature and blossom.

With MukaCariza, you will never walk alone.